About us

Europrojekt Gdansk S.A. has been on the engineering and consultative market for exactly 10 years (since the 1st of August 1999). The company was founded on the international experience of Tomasz KoĊ‚akowski and Witold Kosecki. Ten years ago, Europrojekt employed only one engineer. Today we employ over 50 staff members, and plan on opening 10 more job spots in 2011 – which says a lot about the company’s development rate.

Our experience in Germany allowed us to gain a strategic partner - SSF-Ingenieure – an engineering company. We have cooperated to complete many projects. As our partner has its own research and technology department, Europrojekt has access to milestone research data, and uses this data to further improve service standards.

Our company operates mainly in Poland and Germany, yet we have also had the opportunity to offer engineering services in other countries. As an example, we have designed bridges in China and metro stations in India.

Europrojekt Gdansk S.A. is a progressive company. We pay much attention to providing cutting-edge solutions and working with pioneering technology. Our highly qualified staff implements only the best solutions available on the market. We also participate in research and implementation programs in Poland and abroad.

Our company incorporates CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards. Innovative technological land structure construction projects contribute to the development of modern infrastructure, higher safety standards on Polish roads and innumerable everyday conveniences for citizens.

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